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An online career experience program where students get real-world experience in multiple different engineering professions so they can decide which career path they want to pursue in college.


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Program Dates: February 1st – March 26th

Eligibility: The OmniLYF Programs are available for students who are juniors in high school through juniors college.

This program includes 8 weeks of real-world projects, training, discussions with engineering professionals, resume building, and interview prep and practice.

Projects will cover engineering areas including mechanical, civil/structural, electrical, and chemical.

All projects will be completed working virtually.

Networking will be conducted through video conferencing with professionals.

Your experience will be extremely effective in enhancing your resume and your applications to schools, scholarships, internships, and full-time jobs.

Students will be expected to work between 6-10 hours a week including 1-hour meetings twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings (managers will be available 5 days a week).

Total Program Cost: $895 $495

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