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What is the exploration program?

The OmniLYF Career Exploration Program provides you real experience in the fields of your interest by supplying mini-internships in 4 different areas that you are interested in so you know if you want to spend the time and money pursuing that particular career path saving you from investing time and money.

Why Should you this Program?

Finding high school internships or college internships in your first years is extremely difficult. If you are able to find them, typically they don’t provide you with real-world, practical work that is done by professionals. In our program, we provide you with the exact training you need to be able to complete projects that are done by the professionals in your fields of interest.

What are the benefits?

In this program, you will also learn to build your network, increase the chances of getting into universities/grad schools, learn how to build your resume in a meaningful way as well as learning how to interview, negotiate, getting scholarships and future internships, how to be successful in the workplace, and how to be financially literate.

Bussiness consulting program

Professionals in this field help other companies solve their problems. These include startups, mergers and acquisitions, expansions, company realignments, and helping struggling companies. Some companies travel to their clients meaning up to 80% travel.

Professionals in this field could work as a: Business Consultant, Project Manager, Strategy Consultant, Operations Consultant, Financial Advisory Consultant, Merger and Acquisitions Consultant or Human Resources Consultant.





Students in the Business Consulting Career Exploration Summer Program will spend 2-weeks doing real-world projects completed by business consultants. Students will learn strategy frameworks and then implement them as they assist organizations in providing solutions for market capitalization, expansion, operations, and management.

Traits compatible with this profession:







Communication skills

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