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78% of People Failed. How to Find the Job You’ll Love? 

By Bobby Fausett – January 15th, 2020

Most people don’t love their jobs.  In fact, 78% of people are either not engaged at work or they are actively seeking another job. That’s three quarters of the American population that would be happier doing something else. And while that seems to be a lot, that number is probably not high enough. If you consider there are over 12,000 different jobs, the sheer odds of picking the profession that would make you the happiest are not good. 
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How do I find the job Ill love

How to pick a career

How to Choose a Career Path

By Bobby Fausett – January 13th, 2020

Isn’t it crazy that we use better tools to pick where we are going to eat than we do to choose what our profession is going to be for the next 40 years? Think about it. What is the typical job selection process?

We narrow down the 12,000 options for our career paths based on jobs we’ve been exposed to, what we’ve been told we’d be good at, which jobs have the best salaries, and which jobs are most likely to have work in the future. 

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Can Knowing Your Personality Type Help You Choose the Right Career?

By Cynthia Torres – December 7th, 2020

Everyone is asked the same daunting question. What we are going to do for the rest of our lives? Oftentimes, we have no clue what that looks like or know where to begin in a search with endless possibilities. There are thousands of careers to choose from and little to no tools that serve as guides to help us in the decision-making process to choose the right career. With nearly 80 percent of the population not enjoying their jobs, it is apparent our current process for career selection isn’t working to help us make such an important decision. A tool that students can leverage is understanding their personality type.
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