As the current pandemic the United States is in has begun to recede, businesses and companies are beginning to reopen in full force. However, there is still a major issue facing many workplaces: a massive decline in productivity, induced by stress, seems to have fallen over the employees and even the executives of many companies. The causes of this slump do not take a detective to uncover. Many of the issues seen in larger workplaces are already well-known and well-documented. Both rookie and veteran workers experience their fair share of problems in employment. The younger hopefuls being faced with a lack of feedback and difficulty navigating the frustrating world of recruiting. The more seasoned employees not feeling respected or appreciated in the workplace. Toxic work environments, insufficient pay, and a lack of a proper work-life balance has led to many offices becoming cesspools of stressors for those who dwell in

Most People Don’t Love Their Jobs In fact, 78% of people are either not engaged at work or they are actively seeking another job1. That’s three quarters of the American population that would be happier doing something else. And while that seems to be a lot, that number is probably not high enough. If you consider there are over 12,000 different jobs2, the sheer odds of picking the profession that would make you the happiest are not good.  We need a better way to determine how to find the job you’ll love? Odds Of Picking The Job You Would Love Most If making a complete guess, you would only choose your perfect career 0.008% of the time. For reference, the odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000 or 0.03%. That would mean you are four times more likely to be struck by lightning than

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