What is OmniLYF?

Our Mission

Our mission is to help high school and college-aged students to maximize the level of happiness in their lives, increase their graduation rates, and decrease the cost and time they spend in post-secondary school all by pairing them with the profession they are most likely to enjoy. We will accomplish this by educating our students in the vast number of career opportunities available and by supporting their decision-making process by providing them with the real-world experience necessary to make a more informed decision.

Project Hours

OmniLYF Students

Different Positions

In the past two years, with the help of over 100 volunteers, we have invested more than 7,500 hours to help over 1,500 students and their parents in the quest for selecting a career path the students will enjoy. Among those helped, we have provided over 100 students with 400 hours of real-world training and experience in 13 to 16 different professions.

Our Why

We’ve all heard people say they are unhappy with their jobs. Even worse, many of us have heard that no matter what career you choose, work is not meant to be enjoyed. Many of us at OmniLYF spent 4-6 years in college only to find out we chose a path we didn’t enjoy. While we believed we could do any type of work as long as it paid well, we quickly found out we weren’t exceptions to the studies that show that happiness doesn’t increase beyond a certain level of income. Because we now believe finding your one true passion will ultimately lead to you leading a happier life, we wanted to do something to ensure others didn’t follow down our same path.

  Current National Statistics OmniLYF Goals OmniLYF Students
High School Graduation 87% 100% 100%
Post-Secondary Completion 60% 90% 100%
Students Changing Major 50% 15% 20%
Time to Graduate
(4-year Degree)

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